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    About Founder

    Professor Abdullah Abu Sayeed – a multi-dimensional personality – was born on July 25, 1939 in Kolkata. His Father Late Azimuddin Ahmed

    Career with BSK

    Background, Vision, Mission


    The birth of Bangladesh is the outcome of a long saga of constant struggle, innumerable deaths and countless sacrifices of the people of the country. Nation-building is now the prime task for making the struggle, deaths and sacrifices meaningful by liberating the countrymen from hunger, poverty, fallacies, injustices and all other social evils that pose dire threats to their lives.

    Therefore we need a large number of enlightened, honest, capable and committed people everywhere in the country to provide proper leadership along the way towards achieving the goals of the nation. In this context an organized effort is necessary to mould this generation by creating various opportunities for our youths to gain comprehensive knowledge and prepare to become competent leaders.

    Very few steps have so far been taken in Bangladesh for opening up avenues of comprehensive knowledge development for our youth population to allow them grow up as competent individuals. Perhaps the best way to facilitate such a process is by letting them develop the habit of reading books from all around the world, often beyond their academic curricula.

    The formal educational institutions, particularly the secondary and higher secondary schools and colleges, provide monolithic and barely textbook-oriented education to the students, where opportunities of getting introduced to classic examples of world literature, painting, architecture, economics, politics, philosophy, history, science, films and music are quite limited. As a result, the students, in general, have been growing up with poor knowledge and proficiency, and lack the competency and farsightedness necessary for today’s Bangladesh as a developing country. It is commonly recognized that little can be expected from these youths unless their human potential is harvested and nurtured.

    Bishwo Shahitto Kendro (World-Literature Centre), popularly known as Kendro, has been relentlessly working in this direction in an informal way to build a knowledgeable, enriched and committed generation through various intellectual and cultural programmes since its inception in 1978. In a society where corruption is rampant, dishonesty and brute force claim superiority on integrity and wisdom, and personal interest overrules the interests of the community and the nation, the Kendro has deliberately undertaken initiatives to repair it with a perfect remedy — the development of enlightened individuals equipped with a treasure trove of knowledge that help them grow up as people of integrity and strong character to uphold the basic principles and ethics of life who empathize with the pain of others and refrain from gaining personal interests that interfere with the community’s interests. Enlightenment and competency, therefore, are the prime areas of work for the Bishwo Shahitto Kendro.

    The Kendro, with such a mission of social engineering, has been working as a kind of finishing school for young boys and girls – mostly the secondary and higher secondary level students – to groom them into complete individuals with a wide range of knowledge, as well as a deep sense of humanity. It is not the acquisition of vocational or accounting skills, but the introduction with the world of knowledge and practice that helps them to grow up as leaders.

    Today, the Kendro has come to a solid stage in the process of its social engineering job by extensively working throughout the country, preparing hundreds of thousands of young people as informed, enlightened, ideologically motivated and competent but visionary individuals as an organized force to achieve its vision and mission.


    Bishwo Shahitto Kendro envisions a country which is enriched in all aspects of life where people irrespective of caste or creed can enjoy their lives with freedom, dignity and rights through flourishing their full human potentials.


    The mission of Bishwo Shahitto Kendro is to create an informed, enriched and committed generations of future citizens of Bangladesh.